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    Here's what our community achieved in 2023

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  • Our campaigns in 2023

    ActionStation supports communities to start th​eir own campaigns on our digital platform, OurActionStation, as well as collaborating on and leading key campaigns on kaupapa that matter to our wider community. Our key campaigns focus on Honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi, Climate Justice and Whānau Wellbeing, and this year, the General Election.

  • Our year

    in numbers


    petition signatures since we started in 2014


    collaborations with community groups during 2023


    petition signatures in 2023


    community campaigns hosted on OurActionStation since 2014


    average annual one-off donation


    average annual donation from regular donors


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  • Our income in 2023

    And what we've done with it

    Note on income

    This year, our grants income is noticeably more than we received in member donations. Member donations have continued to decrease, primarily due to regular donors decreasing the amount they give or stopping their donation entirely. This isn’t unique to ActionStation; nonprofits elsewhere in the world are having the same experience1. We are therefore increasingly depending on grant providers to fund our mahi.

    While grants can help us with our campaigning mahi, they rarely cover any of our operational costs such as keeping OurActionStation running and the people behind the scenes who look after the less glamorous tasks.

    Will you chip in to sustain ActionStation so together we can continue to support and win people-powered campaigns for a fairer, flourishing future for Aotearoa?

    Note on expenses

    Our campaigns expenses were higher than normal this year, due to our Triple The Vote election campaign. We had expected this, and we are grateful to everybody who donated money for that mahi.

    Our funders

    Thank you to everyone who has supported ActionStation’s work financially over the past year. 39.3% of our funds come from small donations from our wider community. In 2023, we received grants from the Peter McKenzie Project, Quatro Trust, Wayne Francis Charitable Trust, Wellington Community Trust, Lush and the Clare Foundation. You can see a list of our past funders here.

  • Will you donate to make 2024 even better?

    You don’t have to be a billionaire to make a big difference: all of us giving what we can adds up to a powerful force for a more beautiful, just and equitable Aotearoa.