Nga Hau Birthing Centre remains open! (OurActionStation)

Since opening 4 years ago, over a thousand pēpi have come into the world at Nga Hau. Yet this birthing centre located in Māngere, South Auckland, was under imminent threat of closure. Not because of a lack of need, but because ongoing funding had not been secured.

Where a gap once existed, Nga Hau has served many whānau, aiga and families. Thousands of women have experienced vital support via labour care, antenatal clinics, lactation consultant appointments, contraception and birth education/hapū wānanga. The centre was set up and previously run by a private trust who no longer has the funds to keep the centre open.

The local community ran a campaign full of aroha and determination to save the birthing centre, calling on central government funding to keep the doors open. They hosted community meetings, met with Te Whatu Ora, collated powerful testimonials of centre users into a report, and held an election hui. It’s no wonder their petition went up to nearly 10K signatures, with many families leaving heartfelt messages of appreciation and support.


“Nga Hau provides more than hospitals! The impact they have from just that one building influenced so many mothers. I myself have birthed here last year and this is by far the best place, staff and experience I’ve had during my labour. Symone was my amazing midwife and she assured me that I was able to birth here as my first labour at Middlemore was traumatising. Nga Hau will always be HOME!”


“My great grand-niece had her pēpi at the Nga Hau Mangere Birthing Centre. The wonderful support and care provided by the midwives and staff at the centre is important for our mamas. Please support this facility to continue to provide these essential services to all whanau in the community.”


In mid-December, Southside Aiga Midwives announced that the Nga Hau Birthing Centre will remain open in 2024! We await further information, but for now - incredible work to the local community for looking after a much-loved service.