Save our CABS (OurActionStation)

Great news! The Auckland Citizens' Advice Bureau (CAB) services are here to stay!

CAB is a primarily volunteer-led organisation that educates and supports people on their journey to knowing and exercising their rights. From employment issues to housing to finance, CAB gives information and advice, and even offers counselling.

Early this year around 30 CABs were threatened with closure because Auckland Council was considering cutting their funding. This happened right after the Northland floods and Cyclone Gabrielle, where people were put in positions they’d never been in before, and CAB’s help was needed the most. Because CABs helped so many in the community over the years, the community came back to help them. People shared their stories of how important the work of CAB was to their lives and 22,500 people signed the petition to keep CABs funded.

When my family and I migrated to New Zealand. We had no idea what agencies existed that could help us. CAB made it easier for us to be aware of other agencies that could help us. They even had job vacancies that were displayed on the board outside CAB. That's how I got my very first job at 15.”

— Masha P.  

As the campaign continued, more and more support came in:

“As someone who has worked in the banking industry, the CAB forms a vital safeguard in supporting the most financially vulnerable among us.”
Matthew B.

Thanks to their effective campaign and the amazing community support, Auckland Council decided to continue the funding for CAB services in Auckland for the 2023-2024 year. Now they are focussing on securing central government funding to cover 50% of their costs for future years.

If you would like to show your support for CAB sign this petition!